Game of Cons ConComCon MMXV

C–Cubed has arrived

Open Space events have been added to the schedule — please check the latest version.

C–Cubed is coming.

There shall be a great gathering of those who run conventions. ConComCon is coming, and with it comes opportunity. Convention runners will gather to share secrets, to teach and to learn, and to connect for their ultimate goal: building the best fandom conventions this world has seen.

What will you learn?

We will schedule a weekend full of panels to share what we've learned running cons. C3's membership has decades of combined experience running conventions, and we want to help each other with the benefit of what we've tried and how it's worked.

What will you teach?

Because ConComCon is a convention of convention runners, we don't have dedicated panelists set apart from our membership. Every C3 member is a potential panelist, and we hope you'll take the opportunity to share what you know.

This year there are two ways we invite every member to share:

  • Email with ideas that you have for panels, and with areas that you have particular experience in to share. We'll use that information when we schedule panels in advance of the convention.
  • Or come to C3 prepared to propose a topic for discussion. This year we're setting aside a section of our programming and leaving it unplanned until the day of the convention. We'll be selecting panels as a group, using the Open Space method used at some business and technical conferences.

Will you be among the assembled?

ConComCon thrives on the new ideas and voices from as many conventions as will come. In the past, we have hosted representatives from conventions with less than a hundred members to conventions with multiple thousands. Our conventions span diverse fandoms, including science fiction and fantasy, horror, media properties, furry characters, comics and technology.

If you volunteer for a convention in any capacity, we want to see you at C3. We encourage new conventions and new people to join us by offering one free membership to any fandom convention that wants to join us. We only ask that you use it to send someone who hasn't joined us at C3 before, and who's interested in listening and sharing ideas at the convention.

Join us.