Game of Cons ConComCon MMXV

ConComCon Program

Saturday Updates

The schedule below has been updated with the results of Open Space planning!

Hospitality is open for socializing in room 1425. Hospitality opens at 8:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday, and will close late on Saturday. On Sunday, hospitality will close at 6 PM.

Our Programming Philosophy

We hold C3 each year because we believe that convention runners are the best resource for other convention runners. Every convention is a little different, and by learning from each other's successes — and failures — we can help each other run better cons for everybody.

When you come to ConComCon, we hope you'll listen as well as speak, and remember that none of us know everything about running conventions, but we all know what we've learned by making cons happen, whether we've worked one con or dozens.

Program Grids


TimeColumbia AColumbia BOther Locations
5:00 PM Dinner Working together… Why? and Social in Hospitality
6:00 PM
7:00 PM How to run fan tables Fandom from different genres
8:00 PM Changes in Hospitality How to recruit people to throw parties
9:00 PM How to manage volunteers How to run a successful dealers room


TimeColumbia AColumbia BOther Locations
10:00 AM Dealers Rooms "I want ..." How DO you start a new con?
11:00 AM Party Rules and changes in laws Danger Will Robinson!
12:00 PM "Greying" of fandom - truth or myth You realize you're not that good.
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM ADA Concerns How do we help our security teams?
3:00 PM What Is Open Space / Open Space Planning
4:00 PM Kickstarter Funding Legal Stuff Con Running vs. Life (hospitality)
5:00 PM Contract Negotiation Games: Do you need them? How to make them better? PR Nightmares: How to Avoid Them (hospitality)
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM
8:00 PM Marketing Strategies: What works? What doesn't? Registration Programs Board games in Hospitality
9:00 PM Attrition: How quitting hurts everyone What does your con do differently?
10:00 PM Hot Tub and Hospitality: Horror Stories


TimeColumbia AColumbia BOther Locations
10:00 AM All About the Looks Bringing new fandoms into existing cons What do you need to call yourself a con? (hospitality)
11:00 AM Customer Service Philosophy of Con Scheduling: Circadian Diversity, Panel Timing
12:00 PM Org Chart Dos and Don'ts SWOC: The Next 10 Years
1:00 PM SWOC Board Meeting and Elections
2:00 PM
3:00 PM

Program Item Information

Columbia A

How to run fan tables

Friday, 7 PM

What’s the best way to run your convention’s fan table at other conventions? Listen to Glenn Glazer speak on the subject!

Glenn Glazer

Changes in Hospitality

Friday, 8 PM

Some conventions charge for hospitality, some conventions supplement their hospitality with food trucks, and some cook elaborate meals. What does your hotel say, and how do you negotiate and work within those boundaries?

Marah Searle-Kovacevic

How to manage volunteers

Friday, 9 PM

We are all volunteers, how do you keep on top of your staff and motivate them to do what they said they would do, when you are a volunteer yourself? How do you handle the issues? Glenn Glazer will be on hand to give some tips and tricks.

Glenn Glazer

Dealers Rooms “I want”

Saturday, 10 AM

How do you deal with the “I want”s? Whether it’s electricity, extra space behind the table, or wifi. What precautions do you take for this world of ever widening list of “want”s from dealers? How do you tell them when you can’t give them something?

Amy Gembela, Sheri Turnley

Party Rules and changes in laws

Saturday, 11 AM

This is the third year that we’ve discussed parties. Regardless of whether your convention is throwing all the parties or not, parties indeed affect you. Learn the rules for Washington State, and the nuances of the law, and find out about other states.

Gibbitt, Chika

“Greying” of fandom, truth or myth?

Saturday, noon

We’ve heard of the Greying of fandom, the Ageing of fandom, and all the other phrases that mean, let’s face it, we are getting older. What is in place to handle this? Where is the new blood? The younger generation? What can we do to help each other?

Jason Wodicka

ADA Concerns

Saturday, 2 PM

ADA concerns are getting bigger and bigger in fandom. Also ADA laws are getting stricter and stricter. Find out what a few are, and how they will affect your convention!

Open Space Planning

Saturday, 3 PM

The second half of this year's C3 will be scheduled using Open Space, an approach used by many other conferences of people who want to share ideas and improve a particular field. During this session, we will briefly explain how open space works, and anyone who is interested can schedule a discussion to be held during the remainder of C3. We will schedule these panels on the spot.

If you want to propose a topic or have a say in the schedule for the second half of the convention, come to this planning session.

Jason Wodicka

Open Space

Saturday at 4, 5, 8 and 9 PM; Sunday at 10 AM, 11 AM and noon

These panels are deliberately not being scheduled until the day of the convention, to hold space for topics people propose at C3. For more information, or to find out how to propose a panel, see the description for Open Space Planning.

SWOC meeting and Elections

Sunday, 1 PM (2 hours)

Combined with Columbia B

Come find out what’s on the agenda for SWOC. There are 3 seats open for election.

Columbia B

Fandom from different genres

Friday, 7 PM

Fandom as a name encompasses a huge number of people. How do we all work together when we have different ideas of what “fandom” is?

How to recruit people to throw your parties

Friday, 8 PM

Conventions have an amount of people who do several conventions at one time. So, you want to throw a party to advertise your convention, but everyone is busy working the convention, how do you throw a party in that case? How do you throw any party when your entire staff is working the convention? Come listen to Glenn Glazer as he puts forth some ideas.

Glenn Glazer

How to run a successful dealers room

Friday, 9 PM

Dealers room, hucksters row, marketplace; every con has a different name for it, but everyone has one thing in common… if your dealers aren’t happy, it can cause bad press for your convention. How do you help drive customers toward your dealers to make them happy?

Sheri Turnley, Kristina "th' buni" Tracer

How do you start a new con?

Saturday, 10 AM

Take a look at what it takes to start a new convention. No matter what type, there is organizing that needs to take place… deciding what piece of fandom you want to concentrate on, figuring out the internal structure and money, whether or not to hold a fundraiser, how far out to have it, where to have it, and when to have it.

Gene Armstrong, Sally Woehrle, Shawn Marier

Danger Will Robinson

Saturday, 11 AM

In the news quite recently, MFF was attacked by a chlorine cloud deliberately placed. Does your staff know what to do in the case of an emergency at your hotel?

Gene Armstrong

You realize you’re not that good

Saturday, noon

You’re in charge of a convention, and think you can handle it, and slowly you realize, you need help, the rest of staff is about to mutiny, and you’re now bald. The con is mere weeks away, what do you do?

Gibbitt, Gene Armstrong, Kristina "th' buni" Tracer

How do we help our security teams?

Saturday, 2 PM

Security seems to be the one place that we either have it right, or way wrong. What are some of the ways we can help security?

Gibbit, Dustin Gross

Registration Programs

Saturday, 8 PM

Most conventions have gone beyond the days of MS Access and Excel for keeping track of who has registered. What is/was your favorite registration program, and what ones help out with more than just registration?

Kristina "th' buni" Tracer, Jeffrey Cornish

Open Space

Saturday at 4, 5, 8 and 9 PM; Sunday at 10 AM, 11 AM and noon

See Open Space, above.

SWOC meeting and Elections

Sunday, 1 PM (2 hours)

Combined with Columbia A

See SWOC Meeting and Elections, above.


Hospitality is in Room 1425. Drop by whenever the convention is running for a bite to eat and some friendly conversation.

Working together… Why?

Friday, 5 PM

In this day and age, many conventions are realising that working together is important for survival. Planning around each other, sharing staff, getting ideas from one another. Come discuss why it's so important.

Gibbitt, Kristina "th' buni" Tracer, Jason Wodicka


Friday, 5 PM (3 hours)

Continues into dinner at 6

Meet others, converse, and snack at James Stringer’s great food skills!

PR Nightmares and how to avoid them

Saturday, 5 PM

In Hospitality

From the lack of PR to over exposure… what’s the worst in PR Nightmares? What do you do when a different convention has bad PR and it’s going to spill over to you?

Marah Searle-Kovacevic

Horror Stories

Saturday, 10 PM

In both Hospitality and the Hot Tub.

A time honored tradition split between two locations.